As a direct, official (authorized by the Kingdom of Jordan) importer and distributor of Dead Sea raw materials, we guarantee the origin of our products (Dead Sea, Jordan) as well as their highest quality.

Salts are obtained from the Dead Sea by the natural method of sea water evaporating, the mud comes from the bottom of the Dead Sea, and the water we offer (brine) was taken directly from the sea and it is exactly the same as in nature in the Dead Sea. Some of our clients claim that after rubbing the body with Dead Sea brine, they feel the same effect as after leaving the Dead Sea! That is why we highly recommend the use of pure, natural Dead Sea brine for body rubs!

Retail products are available in packages from 500g to 25 kg. To retail customers we recommend 25 kg bags of salt. When you buy salt in the original 25 kg bag, you will get the best price for 1 kg of Dead Sea salt!

NOTE: We ship products anywhere in the EU